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Sometimes you have to wait for technology to catch up with your ideas.

When Homer Eaton invented the Romer Arm in 1974, he was already conceptualizing bigger things. The only problem was that technology wasn’t ready for those ideas. Since then, we’ve advanced to a point where those ideas are now possible. Introducing the zCAT, delivering portable, extreme measurement accuracy through a simple-to-use touchscreen interface.


The zCAT is the world’s first portable direct computer control coordinate measuring machine (DCC CMM). At only 30 pounds, the zCAT conveniently goes with you wherever you need it. No longer are you required to take the part to the CMM; from a surface plate, to a table on the shop floor or on a large part itself, the zCAT can be deployed directly in the manufacturing process.

Easy to Use

The zCAT is the easiest DCC CMM to use. Built with the intention of lowering the threshold of training needed to successfully operate and even program a DCC CMM, every component, from the mechanics to the software, has been examined for optimal user experience and ease-of-use.


With accuracy that rivals the capabilities of larger, more expensive CMMs, the zCat has a unique, patented three-axis DCC measuring system and calibration software that gives the zCAT exceptional accuracy and repeatability even in less than ideal environments.

Probe System

The zCAT ensures accuracy with an industry-standard probe system. Find comfort in knowing that easy-to-acquire, accurate results are measured by this reliable touch-trigger probe system. Whatever your measurement task, this probe system allows for the optimal stylus arrangement for accuracy.


The zCAT comes with ControlCAT - built-in, easy-to-use, geometric measurement software controlled through an intuitive, icon-based touchscreen interface. Take advantage of the direct computer controlled measurements without the need for a secondary computer. From shop technicians to dedicated CMM operators, anyone can feel comfortable operating the teach and learn programming of the zCAT.


Automate measuring processes, and gain accurate data time after time. The unique zCAT clutch seamlessly shifts from direct computer to manual control without the need for flipping switches or clicking buttons. Simply, move the probe manually, and the computer will remember and reproduce the movements for accurate, repeatable measurements.


Being tethered to an outlet is a thing of the past. The zCAT is powered by a built-in 10.8 volt lithium ion battery, providing enough power to gain precise, accurate measurements for four hours in the field. The zCAT is truly wireless. A power supply charger is included for quick recharges between or during use.

Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.

With the zCAT, we manufacture the entire machine in the United States. From California to Massachusetts, we’re taking advantage of American ingenuity, drive, and passion to create a high quality product that will help advance the capabilities of those who use it.

A revolutionary solution to a complicated problem

Utilizing advanced technology, software, design and electronics, the zCAT is manufactured as a compact self-contained unit that is fundamentally different than existing CMM technology, design and operation. From initial equipment acquisition through set-up, training and maintenance, the zCAT offers significant cost reductions without compromising measuring accuracy or performance.

Try it for yourself


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